For over 80 years, Mercury Ring has maintained a stellar reputation as one of America’s leading diamond jewelry manufacturers. As a vertically integrated company, under our parent company Unique Designs, we take pride in maximizing our strength from diamond manufacturing to marketing. By bringing in the latest trends and innovative designs, we offer you the finest designer jewelry crafted to perfection.

Who We are

Originally launched by the Bergman family in 1944, it started out as a predominantly bridal house. In 2016, the family sold the company to Unique Designs, Inc., making Mercury Ring a proud part of the largest jewelry wholesale company in the U.S. Capitalizing on the strength of our resources, Lab-Grown Diamonds have been an addition to the offerings from Mercury Ring. From growing our own exquisite Lab-Grown Diamonds to making finished jewelry in our factory located in Secaucus, NJ, we bring you exceptional value. Evolving with time is what the new Mercury Ring believes in! Our young and energetic sales team is constantly on top of the latest market demands and trends as well as innovating for the future bridal consumers. They are supported by an innovative Product Development team, and a highly talented Marketing & Branding team. We are truly your one-stop-shop for all your loose diamonds and jewelry needs

Loose Diamonds

Since we are proud growers and manufacturers of Lab and Natural Diamonds, our Loose Diamond offerings are at unbeatable prices. Please log in and check out our Loose Diamond live feeds to find out what’s hot right now!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are redefining the jewelry industry by being the new-age, sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. Created from a deep desire to bring aspirational luxury to the world, these are grown by replicating the earth’s organic processes by experienced scientists. Lab-Grown Diamonds are made up of the same DNA and carbon as mined diamonds. They are physically, chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds. Please log in to find out about our Lab-Grown Diamond Brand, exclusively for the Independent Retailer.

Natural Diamonds

By the Earth. For the Earth. Natural Diamonds are amongst the oldest naturally occurring substances known to us. Made from carbon and known as the hardest natural substance on earth, they are created over a period of one to three billion years, at least 85 miles below the earth’s mantle under conditions of high pressure and temperature. Their unique chemical composition also means that they can last forever and yet remain in vogue due to their eternal sparkle and versatility.

Contact Us

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